It was the end of the fifties when Giuseppe Furlanetto made his first experiences as mechanic but "only" in 1968 he started the crosscountry car business with the sale of Gaz and Uaz Russian vehicles. Afterwards he increased his activity by the sale and technical assistance of vehicles manufactured in Spain, on U.S. licence, as the Jeep Commando and C J 3-6 and became the first official concessionaire in Italy. As the years rolled by, the firm got such a professionalism and experience to become a reference point for Jeep and crosscountry vehicles fans.
GIUSEPPE FURLANETTO It is thanks to those outstanding characteristics and the help of his family, wife and children, that he succeded to overcome the beginning of the nineties crisis which was due to the wrong policy towards the four driving wheele cars. Furlanetto 4x4 has become, during the last years, a center which can provide any kind of crosscountry vehicles, can take part either to amateurs demonstration or professional competitions and can, thanks to its experience, advice the guests about the vehicles to buy.